Fleas are called as parasite pest it feed on warm blooded animals and as well as humans. In a study, their characteristics are they jump 8 inches vertically and 16 inches horizontally and it consume the blood up to 15 times their body weight in a day.

The right time to treat the flea pest is at the starting stage. If the pest infestation is too much, then the routine frequency of treatment must be taken for controlling it. Thus the flea/tick mostly starts breading at the time of beginning of winter season. Common varieties of fleas are cat fleas and dog fleas and it is close related to each other. When fleas bite, it will cause allergic and itching to the pets and humans.

Sometimes if it bites causes sores bleed it is meant to be high level of risk. Peoples simply make pets bathing and keep their pets outside of sun heat is not an enough solution. It should be treated by a professional pest control staff.

Pouring a borax powder does not help you at all. A female flea lays up to 400 eggs per day. So based on the infestation level a strong chemical spray needed to control this problem inside and outside house including the dog cage is required. PCS CONSULTANT service technicians will always help you get that work done.