When the termites can’t find whatever for eat, they abolish other objects while trying to find food. Since they can destroy the furniture’s and even whole holes so rapidly.


According to the termite service, we drill at the skirting area using effective pesticide that penetrate deep inside to protect the pest barrier and finally over the wall treat at every corner of 4 walls, all the area could be treated for complete protection.


A termite ant is a subterranean (ground) pest. Termites are categorized as two major  types dry wood termites, and subterranean termites it have their colonies they adult egg laying is a swarmed creature it will damage mostly wooden things the termites eat cellulose and it is found in the wooden products mainly. Generally in house 2 to 8 colonies it will create and typically situated with 5000 average subterranean termite per colony. Basement foundation of soil consolidation are the most suspect able spot to survive and gain entrance to the  premises .soldier termite ants work for whole day without  rest. The soldier pest will carry food to their colonies through their tunnels. they need good moisture for living if it is exposed to heat or sunlight it will die. This termite pest will make infestation to your wardrobe, wooden windows, wooden doors, wood cuttings, side frames etc.., the subterranean termites usually live in the soil. The mud tracks off tunnel make it to protect from the heat of sunlight and projecting from ground to structured wall. Adult Swarmers are the reproductive termites and they will create thousands of eggs very quickly within short span. Dry wood termites will not show mud tracks and it will hide in the wooden things deep inside penetrated spill soft powdered droppings and damage the wood materials. Both types of the termites will not survive in the heat. The moisture of 50% is needed to survive and hatch the eggs to develop their colonies. When we spot 1 or 2 places termite resemblance it is better to call the professional pest control treatment to avoid further damage.