PCS CONSULTANT pest control service scope is to provide pest barrier caused by the termite ants. The chemical injection treatment will create chemical barrier against termites. Right from the column pits until floor works there are many stages to work for the better construction. Even missing any parts which has not treated will affect the entire buildings in many parameters. The subterranean pest will affect the interiors of the building in any time after the building construction.

Our professional staff will be co ordinate to the customers and execute the actions according to the discussion. There will be uniform stages of the treatment provided and ensure chemicals are completely penetrated by the head of our staff executives. If once the treatment has done for some time period the treated premises should not get disturbed. Our termi-seal protection ensures customers as per promising sentence made by our professionals. The emulsifying chemicals will create strong barrier to the treated soil, so it could not raise colonies further about expansion of the under construction building premises.

The treatment can be carried out by Roding the earth with some mentioned millimetres to create chemical barrier to the bottom of the basement termite disturbances and spray application should be given to the basement surfaces everywhere at specified dosage to the treatment area. Care should be taken at each stages of the treatment establishment. Those all stages have successfully done by us treatment service covered with warranty.