At first, our pest control service staffs will clearly understand the situation of the termite causes how much damage it were cause, and enquire all the details regarding to the treatment measures. As a simple advertisement shopping product does not always a right solution to the damage caused house. Sometimes if the infestation level is high risk, there are no other alternative ways to prevent your home better than the professional work, our technical staffs will inspect your house and rate the level of risk condition and based on the termite ants trial we could elaborate our customers the damage causes and recommend the type of treatment methods, so we could assure guaranteed service amongst all other cost spending alternatives. We could also give some recommendations for the pest prevention factors that should be followed by our customers. PCSCONSULTANT dedicated technical staffs are very knowledgeable and experienced so we know the right treatment procedure. The building wall skirting bottom of the surface treatment to the particular variety of soil construction must to be taken care utmost to the future wellbeing of the interior workings.


A Basaltic (Rock colour) termite barrier is made up of rock elements & tightly holding underneath a building that termites are incapable to get through it. Termite mesh can also be used, which is a stainless-steel screen with holes so little, termites cannot pass over, & perfect for problematic areas such as cold joints in concrete. Poured concrete foundations are solidest for termites to occupy, but only if there are no cracks. Brick and wedge foundations develop cracks as they age. Improper maintaining the exterior of home such as clogged substance will create some of the obstacles and also may have any water leaking behind your wall may cause creating environment for termites.