• We keep the bird spikes of all the pathway entrance and window compressor and possible corridor areas. So it can be diverted to some other places and the customers can get rid upon their dirty droppings which seem clear and clean home around them. 

  • Pigeons are considered to be inspired breeders, where you see a few, there are sure to be numerous additional. These are real irritation and trying to persuade them to move along and trouble someone different, or go visit a more bird-friendly area, can be stressful for homeowners and apartment residents alike.
  • Generally, pigeons carry a crowd of parasites & diseases (as once thought, carriers of West Nile Virus), & leave pounds of droppings every year.
  • You can stop damage to your home, balcony, courtyard, car. There are numerous ways to eliminate pigeons from your home, or, at least, deter them and route their flight elsewhere.


We make a Fence in your Building/Balcony with a tall net converting to divert the pigeons to other direction definitely


  • In your Building / balcony is to fasten, a wind-chime, aluminum foil pan, or balloons, push a hole in your aluminum foil pan & make as barrier by string in your balcony.

  • Put some shiny rubber snakes in the particular area is an useful idea.

  • A child’s coiled “slinky” type toy along the top. The barrier of the coils, wrapped around the railing, prevent pigeons.

  • The Anti-roosting spikes are available in hardware stores. If you attached this this discourage the pigeons.

  • Take a weather-proof string and tie it an inch or so above your balcony rail & pigeons will have a difficult time ahead a foothold on your rail.