Why we do fumigation, and how it is very effective upon decontamination, deepest and get rid of pests aspects is very sensitive answer, there is no chance of killing the micro organisms and viruses yourself with advertisement chemical spray. It is very advanced level of treatment methodology and techniques where followed at the fumigation. You can rend the services from the professional like us to make it safely because we are experienced and proactive knowledgably with proper safety measures to be followed and assure your family safety at first. 

The fumigation contains decontamination gases which produce heat. Heat is required to kill the bugs. Thus fumigation eliminates dirt pest, insects, bacteria, and very fast reactant for viruses.

It is almost used in the export/ import shipment and commercial containers and cargo industries like logistics, warehouses, wooden pallets and packaging materials manufactures and distributes to safe prevent their products inhibit the damage caused by  pests and fungicides. To get rid of pest fumigation is the most promising and complete treatment we can ensure confidently. It will also eliminate wooden pests like doors and windows damaged by wood borer. If you opt for general pest control spray some common pests like ants and cockroaches will have some effect but sometimes it remains still based on level of infestation. Some indigenous condition fumigation work will be better method of alternatives. A point of pest life cycle eggs, larva, pupa, adult kind of bicycling factors of their stages of pest life. Single time service is not enough to treat with some major infestation pest. Based on the risk level of pest condition we could recommend the methods of services and service frequency. Most of the time some peoples will think fumigation is cost expensive but the lack their knowledge because some spray and baits services will have the result slowly but fumigation gives the result with one shot over night services. The most important significance of fumigation treatment is to reach entire places where chemical spray treatment could not reach. by occupying us we can make the services very effective and pcs consultant offering services for both commercial and residential house fumigation. People are very familiar with using chlorine (hypochlorite) or bleaching and formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide these are very hazardous chemicals if it is not handled properly. Based on the environmental factors and human protection and animal health reason there are alternatives as we recommend to the purpose of house fumigation. The most importantly and handling such type of chemical fumigation we use proper safety suits, glove, aprons and goggles and eye shield and gas respirators for our safety. Water is the most necessity element that should be having with us while making the treatment if any chance of miss happening immediately to wash the eyes and hands with soap or necessary.


PCS CONSULTANT pest control service cannot leave your food items; groceries item as it is that should be closed or packed gently to lead any uncertainty before making up of the fumigation. At the starting of the area we inspect complete area and if there is any wardrobes, desk selves open all the doors of it and open bed covers to reach entire fumigation successfully to all the places coverage including small bag containers and carton boxes and plastic covers. PCS CONSULTANT  fumigation professional staffs from Coimbatore they can make ensure their customers all the home persons and pets should be vacated from the operational premises if not followed they will get sick or they may die for the following action. Then our service technician will seal all the ventilators and open windows and doors for making the air flow stopped at all the operational room. For the safety reasons electrical switches and all the running electronic appliances will be switched off. So the decontamination gases will be covered completely to the entire places to reach throughout of your house. After our mentioned hours of fumigation treatment degassing should be done and no one should gain access to their house for at least an hour more or less for their health safety. Then open the doors and windows which sealed already and dispose the chemical waste containers and wastages with all safe handling methods suggested by us.