Disinfection and Sanitization Service

Disinfection is to treat the contaminated places where the offices, houses, store rooms, go downs, industries and baking food sectors is all possible to us by having the effective anti infection chemical solutions. The disinfection could also be done by airtight fumigation to kill the virus and bacteria. Our technician will before engaging his work pre define the instruction and precautions steps to be followed and taken care of the services. Once finishing the treatment the customers benefits the following status that is making the hard surface clean and de odorize the posses of bacteria and fungus properties. Making the treatment with irrelevant unsupported chemicals will make skin irritation and allergies and cause dangerous level of health risks with sleepless nights. our services were conducted with most popular government approved chemical and chlorine related chemicals which have active oxidising agents make decontamination on your surfaces. 

Sanitization work scope is to provide health measures to the customers. There are several kinds of treatment procedure available with it. It is considered to be environment and structured based treatment methodology should be followed. More over so many chemical products are available but choose to use right chemicals are better and safe to humans. Sanitization job is to kill the bacteria, germs, dirtiness, etc.., if there is any dirt in your premises unlike use to clean by soap water, advertisement detergents, and homemade liquids it does not work out to kill the micro organisms maybe, the surface looks to be clean but it would not be disinfected. Our pest service actions will have the proper chemicals to treat for the issue and make it clear and there is less chance of getting sickness to the human health. For a house building, it is recommendable to treat every 6 months once according to the recommendation our site visiting staffs will set the service frequency to have a hygienic home. Sometimes, washing with hot water and placing things in sunlight directly will not enough actions to eliminate the microorganisms at all.