There are several types of ant species in which few of them are disturbance to our households. Few types are ginger ants, fire ants, red ants etc. Our most important concern is to know about fire ants and red ants fire ants produce colony in open areas. It seems like large mud mounds. Fire ants attack everyone who is there contact whether if it is animal or human. It will have their nest mostly in the moisturised areas. Usually the nest will be most of the places visible and we can see in the underneath of timber wooden places, gardens, grass lands, etc…In study fire ants queens live up to 7 years and produce up to more than 1500 eggs per day. They are omnivorous and it will take food from dead mammals. In a house hold premises to control the ants we can make general pest control services to your entire house and obviously to the track generating areas either. The treatment is complicated and difficult to control for several reasons. The problem level is high than frequent service is required to make it clear.